This episode talks about Dale Carnegie & Associates’ new book, Take Command. The book focuses on helping professionals in the modern world succeed in both their personal and professional lives. The hosts of the show are Joe Hart and Michael Crom, the co-authors of the book.

Behind-the-scenes Look at Take Command

Joe and Michael share insights into how they applied Dale Carnegie’s principles in different situations to create Take Command. They explain how the book is a compilation of real-life stories that serve as a manual to take command of our lives.

Core Principles in Take Command

The hosts explain that the book aims to familiarize younger generations with communication and leadership principles from Dale Carnegie and others. They discuss how building self-confidence, enhancing our network of support, and becoming more intentional can help us take command in 2023.

Where to Get the Book

Listeners can order a copy of the book in hardcover, eBook, or audiobook at their favorite bookseller or at The book is available online and in stores from January 10th. Visit for more free resources and information on the book.