1. Define your future self

Clearly articulate vision for the next 6 – 12 months. We often get the question: what is a vision? It’s a detailed description of how your future self and your future situation (a combination of personally and professionally). A good guideline is to pick a specific moment in the future and write down: where you are, how you feel, what you are doing and what you have achieved. Write it in the present tense and positive language, as if it is already happening to you now. You can watch an example in this video.

2. Set SMART goals

Transform your dreams into actionable goals using the SMART framework – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Setting SMART goals will make your dreams more attainable and help you track your progress effectively.

3. The 6-Week Dream-to-Reality Plan

Start with a structured six-week plan to set you on the path to achieving your dreams. Break your long-term goals into smaller, actionable steps that you can accomplish within this timeframe. Why 6 weeks? It’s not too far away in time, but not too close either, giving you some flexibility to pivot in your schedule if needed. Assign specific tasks to each week and timeblock these in advance. Be sure to make it realistic and set yourself up for success.

4. Daily Progress Ritual

They say that big things come from small beginnings, so develop daily habits that align with your goals. Write down: what are the habits that are crucial to make my vision a reality? And what habits are needed to make the 6-week plan a success? If you want to develop a new habit, try 1 max 2 at a time, and tie them to an activity you already do each day, for example: repeat your vision to yourself while you are brushing your teeth – 1 new habit tied to 1 thing you already do every day. If you want to deep dive into habit building, make sure to read James Clears’ “Atomic Habits” to design a new life with new habits.

5. Seek Guidance and Mentorship

Reach out to mentors or industry experts who have achieved what you aspire to. Their guidance, insights, and experience can provide invaluable shortcuts and wisdom as you pursue your dreams. Not sure what to ask? Read the 40 questions to ask your mentor for inspiration.

6. Celebrate Milestones

Along the way, celebrate your achievements and milestones, no matter how small. At the end of the day, think about: what is 1 thing you did today that you are proud of? Recognizing your progress will boost your motivation and keep you focused on the journey towards your dreams.