Training Details

  • Target Group: Managers who want to develop leadership skills and achieve results through their teams
  • Length: 3 days
  • Type: In-company


Today’s organizations ask leaders to produce more results with fewer and fewer resources.  This creates very difficult team and leadership challenges.  Leaders must encourage teamwork, bottom-up idea generation, alignment, loyalty, engagement and above all commitment. Rather than direct and dictate, leaders must inspire and motivate!

A good manager is not always a good leader. Learn the differences between managing and leading. Move toward a more direct leadership style and away from a management-based style. Establishing a leadership culture provides the environment where innovation and creativity can flourish. Participants look at their business from four perspectives: people/process/doing themselves/leading others.

Training objectives

  • Inspire, motivate and develop others
  • Promote teamwork, collaboration and innovation
  • Create effective organizational communication
  • Guide others through change

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