Training Details

  • Target Group: Managers & Employees going through change
  • Length: 1 day
  • Type: In-company


In today’s workplace, we are in a constantly evolving environment of change. In some situations we may be in the formal role of leading the change, but in many situations we are only one part of a wider change occurring in the organization.

Understanding what the different types of stress are that change can bring, their impact and how we can manage ourselves during change are critical factors in successfully succeeding during this period. Gaining a reputation as a change advocate positively impacts the way we are viewed within the organization and also has as a significant constructive effect on the satisfaction and motivation we feel in our careers.

Training objectives

  • Understand what change is, the emotions and reactions it evokes
  • Lead self, team and organization through change using human relationship principles
  • Manage stress in a period of change

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