Training Details

  • Target Group: Professionals who need to sell ideas and want to learn how to present in a professional way
  • Length: 2 days
  • Type: In-company & Public


Since 1912 Dale Carnegie® has been giving business people the tools to successfully build their case. And today we excel at empowering people to communicate boldly before any constituency, under all conditions. We deliver critical methods and techniques that people can draw on to present compelling messages, connect confidently with any audience, and help generate new growth.

The process focuses on structuring a presentation, building credibility, and selling the idea. How to use voice and gesture to create a strong impression. How to handle a formal speech, impromptu remarks, or a contentious meeting.

The High Impact Presentations training is a two-day program, in which participants will present seven times, while being videotaped and evaluated with expert coaching.  Each person reviews his/her recorded presentation after each set of presentations.  Tips and techniques to become an impactful presenter are woven into the different practices.

Training objectives

  • Plan and organize professional presentations
  • Create and maintain positive impressions
  • Be more natural and relaxed when making presentations
  • Communicate ideas with clarity and force
  • Sell ideas and inspire others

Upcoming Training Dates

New dates to be confirmed
Location: Diegem
Time: 09:00 – 17:30
Duration:  2 consecutive days
Price: 1.950€