Training Details

  • Target Group: Salespeople who want to reach new levels of success using a relationship-based selling approach
  • Length: 3 days
  • Type: In-company


The long-term success of a vendor-buyer relationship depends upon mutual success. Unsuccessful sales people focus on trying to get the sale at any cost by trying to figure out what to say or do to get the prospect to buy. Successful sales people know that when they try honestly to see things from the prospect’s point of view, that they can provide insight and a unique solution Successful salespeople are focusing on building a mutually-beneficial relationship in order to not just one sale.

In short, it’s not about the sale. It’s all about the relationship. Sales people can’t always provide the best price, so it’s critical to understand the difference between best price and best value. In a DC survey, 63% of respondents said they would rather have a salesperson they “completely trusted than one that gave them the “best price.”

Training objectives

  • Become a trusted advisor for clients
  • Use methods to establish a connection with customers to gain access and establish trust
  • Construct solutions in collaboration with customers while offering insights and establishing value
  • Eliminate objections and minimize the need for negotiation
  • Use proven techniques to maintain customer relationships and encourage repeat business

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