Training Details

  • Target Group: Business leaders and professionals who want learn how to lead interactive virtual meetings and present online with credibility
  • Length: 3 Hour Live Online Workshop


How many virtual meetings or online presentations would you consider to be “highly engaging and valuable”?

In addition, how much of the time were you or your audience distracted by answering an email, chat or other activities?
When sitting behind a computer, our attention span is lower.
Therefore, what we say and what we hear online needs to be at least 20% more engaging than in a face-to-face meeting.

This training focuses on building credibility in a virtual setting.

Furthermore, you will learn how to make a personal connection in a virtual setting and create interactive meetings.

What you will learn in this training

  • How to effectively present online by using your voice, body language and words in an engaging way
  • Make a virtual meeting fun and interactive by using the tech tools
  • Increase the impact of your virtual presentations

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