Ally Love is a multifaceted woman, pioneering the slash generation by wearing a multitude of hats. She is the CEO of Love Squad, a community organization empowering women; a Peloton instructor, Brooklyn Nets arena host; an inspiring speaker; and an Adidas global ambassador.

Who is Ally Love?

Curiosity and hunger and her positive mindset are what drove Ally Love—curiosity of what’s next and the hunger of “I want to get to the point where I deserve to be.” Ally admits that Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People and How to Stop Worrying & Start Living are two key books in her life. These books have helped her understand herself and find her purpose in her early days in NYC, as well as recently.

What motivates Ally Love?

One of the core principles she has grown to believe is that we must be comfortable being uncomfortable. Her mom offered additional advice. “If you’re uncomfortable, take a beat. Listen—you’re learning something. It doesn’t mean run. It doesn’t mean change. It doesn’t mean leave!

What is one of Ally Love’s core principles?

Ally’s high energy, positive attitude, and desire to explore new things earned her a well-rounded knowledge of sports, fashion, public speaking, wellness, and activism. While she admits she’s never taken a course in business or leadership, she has learned to manage her team and business through experience, hard work, and loving her many jobs.

Join us to learn how to take command of our life, learn what you are good at, manage negative thoughts, overcome fear, and—to grow and succeed—get comfortable with being uncomfortable.