Five Simple Ways to Get the Best out of your Salespeople

Recognition.  Everybody needs recognition, this also includes salespeople. Don’t let their bonus be the only recognition they receive. Recognize the small wins, the activity and effort they put into achieving their goals. Daily drops of recognition will lead to high levels of motivation. Support. For salespeople to achieve success, you [...]

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How to Make your Next Presentation Memorable

When are you really motivated to listen to somebody? This often is when we have a real interest in the topic, or when the message relates to things that are important to ourselves, the "What Is In It For Me".  Connecting with the ‘Why’ for our listener is key [...]

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Say my Name and Every Color Illuminates

The fun thing about music is that the lyrics leave room for your own interpretation, especially those written by Florence Welch. One of Florence & the Machine's most popular songs 'Spectrum' has had fans guessing about its meaning. Some say it’s about love, about a relationship, enlightenment, … and [...]

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How to Resolve Customer Complaints

Complaints are a necessary part of doing business, and you can expect even MORE complaints in today's market. Customers are becoming increasingly choosy about how they spend their limited available cash. When they make a decision to purchase a product or service, they expect excellent customer service to accompany [...]

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7 tips for an Effective Recognition Program

Not all employee recognition programs are effective and can have unintended negative effects. To develop a program that works, keep these 7 tips in mind: Be inclusive. Too often employee recognition is focused on the direct revenue producers within the organization, specifically the top sales executives. But what about [...]

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