Webinar: From Survive to Thrive

In this webinar, we share our research findings to help you to better understand organizational agility and identify ways to prepare your workforce to adapt and thrive in the rapid changes taking place around us every day. To listen to this pre-recorded webinar, please download a copy of how [...]

Webinar: From Survive to Thrive2023-02-09T10:55:21+00:00

Webinar: Handling Stress and Supporting Resilience in Times of Crisis

This virtual event is a 50-minute session designed to bring leaders together to learn about and reflect on recent research by Dale Carnegie Training and others regarding resilience, its impact on reducing stress in times of adversity and how to develop it in people, teams and across an organization. [...]

Webinar: Handling Stress and Supporting Resilience in Times of Crisis2023-02-09T10:58:35+00:00

eBook: Overcoming Sales Objections

It is likely in any selling situation that obstacles will have to be overcome before a buying decision is made. Often, we make the mistake of “handling” objections in such a way that the buyer is turned off. Resolving objections effectively is a process that involves careful, sensitive listening [...]

eBook: Overcoming Sales Objections2023-02-07T13:26:59+00:00

Whitepaper: Building the Foundation for Agility

Today, organizations in every industry need to gather and act on information, make decisions quickly and implement change to meet rapidly evolving requirements of customers and the business environment. Many people call the ability to do so successfully “agility". The foundations for agility are at the heart of Dale [...]

Whitepaper: Building the Foundation for Agility2023-02-09T10:37:39+00:00

eBook: Speak more Effectively

Effective communication is critical in any organization, and the mark of a truly successful person is the ability to energize a team, a boardroom, or an arena. Keep in mind, however, that merely being an expert on a subject doesn’t guarantee a riveting presentation. While having a thorough knowledge [...]

eBook: Speak more Effectively2023-02-09T10:12:17+00:00

Dale Carnegie’s Secrets to Success

One man’s belief in the power of self-transformation became a springboard to millions of success stories for more than a century. Stories of unforeseen confidence, unexpected team cooperation, and unprecedented business results show just how powerful a commitment to personal growth can be. Dale Carnegie’s own story is equally [...]

Dale Carnegie’s Secrets to Success2023-02-09T10:15:29+00:00

How diplomatic are you? Find out with the self-assessment

If you want to make it in your career, or in your life, then you need to learn how to keep your feet on the floor, and out of your mouth. Diplomatic communication skills can will help you improve your professional image. When you meet with clients or colleagues, [...]

How diplomatic are you? Find out with the self-assessment2020-04-15T12:21:58+00:00
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